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Should Florida decrease funding for the University of South Florida? The assignment calls for 750-1250 words. At approximately 250 words a page that gives us about 4-5 pages which at about 3 paragraphs a page is roughly 10-15 paragraphs. Our outline already has us prepared for an introduction context three claims with evidence for each a refutation and a conclusion. Different writers approach developing an outline differently. One way to start is with the context and develop it before moving into the claims and evidence. Because the context can be expanded or condensed to fit the assignment length as needed some writers prefer to start with a claim and expand each claim and its evidence individually and equally before moving to the refutation and then the context. Finalizing the conclusion and introduction last is pretty standard. The Position Paper requires inclusion and integration of five sources. The goal of our paper is to present a convincing argument and while integrating source material is an important element of argumentative writing the source material being cited should not simply be dropped in and connected with topic and transition sentences. Transitioning between claims is very important because it creates the connection that builds the larger argument. The absence of transitions can leave the reader confused and make the paper read like a disconnected annotated bibliography or outline instead of a unified argument connected by reasoning into a whole text. As we know the reasoning that links the evidence to the claims and the claims to the position is a very important part of the overall argument and needs to be clear. you must use 5 out of 8 sources that I have provide……….… Lloyd Dunkelberger… Requirements: My position is Florida should not decrease funding for University Students Funding. Formatting for first page (name instructor course date on top left in MLA (Links to an external site.) orTitle page in APA (Links to an external site.). Review specifics for the style you use.) Title (centered not big not italicized not underlined not bold not too long not all caps) Pagination (MLA (Links to an external site.) insert page number top right type last name then space before #; APA (Links to an external site.) review running head for cover page and title for subsequent. Review specifics for the style you use.) Spacing (double) and margins (one inch) Font and size (Sans Serif options such as Arial Calibri Helvetica Tahoma or Verdana or whatever your Instructor assigns possibly Times New Roman or Bookman) Signal phrases (MLA (Links to an external site.) present tense verb and author(s) last name when new source introduced and appropriate verb to introduce all subsequent material from that source; APA (Links to an external site.) past tense with title year and p. Can include author but not first name. Review specifics for the style you use.) In-text citations (Include in-text citations for all source material whether quoted or paraphrased. Format all source material with author if not in signal phrase and page paragraph or heading for each. In-text parentheticals should be at the end of the sentence. Format and cite all images. Review specifics for the style you use.) Paragraph indentions (standard tab for enter on new paragraphs change Word default to 0pt to avoid spacing after paragraph (Links to an external site.)) Reference page (MLA (Links to an external site.): Works Cited. APA (Links to an external site.): References. Chicago/Turabian: Bibliography. All: Separate page with centered title and sources in alphabetical order by last name and in accordance with format for specific type of source. APA last name and first initial only. Review specifics for the style you use.) Word count or length based on assignment Any other basics of the assignment ‘

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