The Spirits and Even the Rain Film Discussion

Choose TWO topics and then write a two-page write up for each one of those topics. Try to go as much in depth as you can.
Here are the directions:
Category: Podcasts/Documentaries- Writeup and Analysis. Any weve listed in our Modules that are listed as recommended (or that you didnt write about already), or any related to our course themes from:
*Throughline (Links to an external site.) from NPR (sample episodes: There Will be Bananas;; The Real Black Panthers (Links to an external site.); Puerto Rico)
*LatinoUSA (Links to an external site.) from FuturoMedia
* Code Switch (Links to an external site.) by NPR (sample eps: Saving a Language Youre Learning to Speak (Links to an external site.))
* Scene on Radio (Links to an external site.) from Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University
* This Land (Links to an external site.) on from Crooked Media
* 1619 (Links to an external site.) from New York Times
* The Climate Bomb in the Amazon (Links to an external site.) by Foreign Policy
*How RBG became Notorious (Links to an external site.) from podcast The Experiment 2021 on RBGs strategy to achieve gender equality before the law.
*The Racist Architecture of Homeownership: How Housing Segregation has Persisted (Links to an external site.) (NPR audio story/transcript, 5/4/21)
* Documentary series We Shall Remain (the episodes we didnt assign). These are available through our GC Library Database Kanopy.
*Documentary series The Asian Americans including ep. The Chinese Exclusion Act (2020, PBS, GC Library Database Kanopy)
For podcast write ups: listen and take notes all the way through. The write up: a two page write up of its main themes (give us specific examples), how they relate to some of our course themes, and why theyre important to our understanding of the Americas.
Category: Film Analysis (relating to our course themes and readings): A two-page film/documentary analysis (or analysis of any of the primary sources in our Wood and Alexander reader that you were not assigned). See one of the following films, clipped below and analyze two or three major themes from it, tying it to our course material, making connections to our lectures, our themes and specifically, our readings (not Wikipedias or some random website).
* A two page analysis of the film “Even the Rain (Links to an external site.)”(Tambien la Lluvia), a 2010 film by Icar Bollan, and our Chasteen Ch. 11 Neoliberalism. You’re relating the film to this important chapter and discussing how they fit into to our course themes (From the Conquest to Neocolonialism through Neoliberalism in the 21st Century). Be expansive and show complexity. The film is available at the Grossmont College library (DVD

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