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This person has never had a job before…. this person also is going to school for business management… you need to be able to call companies and really do this… management positions… he is also from saudia arabia and currently is staying in dammam in saudi. Job Prospecting Assignment What is your “dream” job after graduation? This assignment will help you identify potential prospects to submit a resume and teach the value of effective prospecting. After reading Chapter 5 answer the four general questions below and complete a Customer Profile for each of your top two job prospects. In order to successfully complete this assignment you will need to call the company and interview people in the Human Resource department; you may explain you are doing this for an assignment. Use the following criteria for this assignment. Do Not wait until the last minute as previous students have found it is difficult to get people to return calls or talk with them. You may need to call more than two companies to complete this assignment. Four General Questions 1. What prospecting methods from the book did you use to identify potential job leads? 2. How did you qualify these leads as job prospects? 3. How did you prioritize these job prospects? 4. What information did you uncover that will be helpful to you before contacting these job prospects. Customer Profile Form 1. Name of Business 2. Address 3. Phone 4. Name of Interview Person 5. Official Title (this could be owner president HR director etc.) 6. E-mail address 7. Source of Prospect (i.e. referral cold call directories) 8. Other Key People a. Gatekeepersb. Other Influencersc. Department Headsd. What product/service does the company providee. Companys history and current standing in the industryf. Number of Employees 9. Extent of Operation (i.e. local regional national global) 10. Is the hiring decision done by an individual or committee To receive full credit All questions must be answered. Certain individuals may cover more than one field; however the name must appear on the form twice. For example: Name of the interviewed person may also be the individual making the hiring decision. Individual companies may be called at random to verify student assignments as submitted. The following is a former students testimonial to this assignment from Dr.professors online Sales course: Mrs. name I made huge strides with the job prospecting assignment. I received an offer from both companies I interviewed for. I wont give out details on the companies but these positions are coveted. I think a huge key for students to understand is that networking and meeting some of these people face to face will help the student out in the long run. The reason being is that whatever industry you want to be in people will switch companies jobs will become open and current employees will move into hiring roles. The key is to get familiar with as many people as you can and to leverage yourself out. With the medical company I interviewed with I was able to build a relationship with the VP of the Western region. He has helped me in many ways including offering me a job (unfortunately I am interning at another company for the Summer and the job requires relocation) and also reaching out to his friends at other companies to see if they are need of anyone. The big takeaway I got from both companies is how astonished they were when a student (still in school) went in for an interview. “We love the fact that you took the initiative even though you are still in school. Whether you accept this position right now. We have all of your information and you will be next on our list when youre ready.” Both companies said that it is very rare for someone to cold call and ask for an interview. This assignment shows initiative and that the student is hungry. Put yourself in their shoes. I know I would be all over a student (almost graduated) that is eager and willing to jump through hoops to get him or herself into the industry. Another takeaway that one of the hiring managers explained to me is that the person who they will likely offer is one of the first people that pop into their head. Dont be afraid get familiar go out for some casual coffee at first and build a relationship. Take this assignment seriously! I hope this helps. TIP: Under the Content Tab…Course Home…you will find a list of Common Grammar Errors. Review this list before submitting your paper. Grading Rubric for Job Prospecting Assignment: 50 points each=100 points total. Use an Times New Roman 12 pt font double spaced Cover Page Make the layout of your paper easy to read by using bold headers and bullet points when necessary Deadline: Sunday Submit to the Dropbox provided In the field of selling there are two elements that are a way of life…Deadlines and Grammar! Sales professionals are required to utilize both on a daily basis. This assignment is due on or before the deadline. In addition grading will be based on proper grammar. Deadline:10 points per week Grammar and Spelling: 5 points Completeness:15 points Clarity:15 points Design:5 points ‘

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