SOC-102 Social Stratification Analysis

This writing assignment has two parts with a combined word count of 1000-1500 words. Part One Part Two You must use a minimum of three scholarly sources. Complete a comparative analysis of stratification systems. Choose at least three stratification systems. One must be the class system. Describe the social mobility of each stratification system. Explain […]

Rhetorical analysis essay

Analyzing Visual Rhetoric Pick a recently-published image (within the last year) that presents an argument. If youd like you can pick the image that you selected for the visual rhetoric discussion. Do not use the jewelry ads from the previous page–those are just for practice. Write a well-organized essay in which you analyze the rhetorician’s […]

Research stock and corporate bond holdings

First locate the financial statement (10 – K Annual Reporting) information for each company (listed below) that you will be investigating for your final project. This information can be found on each company’s website within the “About U s” section or at the bottom of the homepage under “Investors.” Research stock and corporate bond holdings […]

Research and Summaries essay

There is 5 worksheets but each will only take a few minutes a piece. I will attach each worksheet below so let me know if you have any questions after we match. Requirements: Just complete each question fully and each worksheet fully ‘ We confidently assure you of high-quality work. We engage several strategies to […]

Game Theory with Applications in Corporate Finance

1.Consider the following sequential game played by two players called Player 1 and Player 2. (a) What is the normal form of the game?(b) Find the sub-game perfect Nash equilibrium.(c) Suppose that Player 2 cannot observe the move of Player 1. Find the perfect Bayesian equilibrium. 2. Consider. the following game of incomplete information played […]

CM214-1 Public Speaking essay

Identify effective and non-effective strategies in a given presentation. CM214-3 (BSC-6 Global Awareness): Explain cultural competency by reviewing communication styles and cultural barriers. In order to understand the dynamics of presenting it is helpful to analyze speeches to review what went well and what could be improved and then apply to your own presentations. For […]

Prospectus Draft essay

Create the first draft of your prospectus. Write a 4 to 6-page paper in APA format that will provide a background on your topic of research (Introduction) and include a section titled “Problem Statement”. Next define the “Purpose of the Study” and clearly identify your research questions. Add another section titled “Nature of the Study” […]

Customer loyalty in real-life application

You just only write one pager it is well Thank you Project Description: For this project explore customer loyalty in real-life application with Wegman’s case study. Read about Wegman’s by visiting the company’s website at: Answer the following questions in your own words using these resources: Wegman’s website course textbook and your own independent […]

Strategy application in our real life

I need a presentation that includes: 1One page chapter summary in the form of a mind map Chapter 7 is provided below. 2It must include 4 appropriate cases among real companies on Saudi Arabia I need 4 cases 2 of which in the form of articles and the other 2 are videos if possible 3 […]

Feminist equity studies

Analyses of the uses of language/rhetoric and imagery identify gendered disparities in science. In their own ways both equity studies and studies of language and imagery contend that science has been and continues to be gendered. First please describe the field of feminist equity studies in relation to STEM. What do equity studies well study? […]

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