PHIL 251 Survey of Contemporary Ethics

For your signature assignment you will write a three- to five-page research paper on discrimination that follows APA Style guidelines. Additionally your research paper must include an APA Style formatted title page and reference list with a minimum of 2 scholarly resources. ‘ We confidently assure you of high-quality work. We engage several strategies to […]

PHI210 Ethics and Trust in Critical-Thinking Decisions

The 18th-century French writer known as Voltaire has been quoted as having said “No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.” When faced with a problem what do you do to solve it? This assignment asks you to apply a six-step problem-solving process to a specific problem scenario. You will write a paper that […]

Increasing statistical literacy and proficiency

You will be completing two one-way ANOVA analyses in SPSS using data that are related to specific research scenarios in the behavioral sciences such as psychology social work and counseling. Behind the scenes knowledge of how this test is conducted is fundamental to being able to understand and apply research in your related field to […]

The Business Case for Quality

Instructions: APA FORMAT 7TH EDITION graduates of MSN programs have certain skills including organizational and systems leadership the ability to translate evidence into practice and the ability to function on a multidisciplinary team to improve client outcomes. Spearheading a quality improvement project requires each of the above skills. By this level students are usually comfortable […]

Non-hodgkin’s lymphoma pathophysiology

Answer the following questions in depth about the disease non-hodgkin’s lymphoma 1.What is the etiology of this illness? Is the illness infectious? Is it heritable? 2.What are the symptoms? When did the patient first notice the symptoms? How will the symptoms progress if the patient is not treated in a timely manner? 3.What body system(s) […]

Multiple choice questions assignment

Need help in Answering the multiple choice questions from chapter 10-14,’1-A test that encourages people to describe themselves indirectly by talking about an ambiguous stimulus such as an inkblot is called a ……….test. O redundant O multiphasic O projective O progressive 2-People who consistently work on the night shift (midnight to 8 am) may or […]

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Select a publicly traded company using the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) EDGAR System at and submit to the instructor for approval. Please note that each student must research a different company. Once the instructor has approved the company selection obtain the Annual Report (Form 10K) and Proxy Statement (Form DEF 14A) of […]

Definition of quality assignment

Apply it to the work of one major quality theorist (e.g. Donabedian Juran Deming Triple Aim (IHI) – Berwick). Identify a practice problem that you have had some experience with as a customer or as a practitioner and explain how eliminating wasteful practices could have improved the experience. Requirements: 350 words | .doc file ‘ […]

Interquartile Range and Boxplots

Create side-by-side (or stacked) boxplots to compare the on-time graduation rates for the six colleges. Please note – the variable used in these directions may not match the variable you are using to create side-by-side boxplots. The variable you use to make your side-by-side boxplots will probably NOT be the AcuteT variable (as depicted in […]

Mini Program 6 Instructions (NodeJS

See the PDF or OneNote document for instructions. Prepare! Make sure you have your notes slide set study guide printed out (or on another screen such as a phone or tablet)! You will need to compare the examples in the slide sets with the statements found in this program. I promise there is an example […]

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