Dialogue Discussion assignment

To achieve the Week Seven learning objectives students will demonstrate their learning from Chapters Thirteen and Fourteen from their textbook and from additional unassigned reading by answering the following questions: 1. Taking one of either product price or promotion articulate it in a global context stressing either an institution-based or resources-based view. 2. Describe how […]

Video Games Final Draft

Please revise and upload your final typed draft of your Argumentative Essay on video games here. This assignment must be typed. Please go to the first draft assignment here: Argumentative Essay First Draft and review the outline and template and then review the attached rubric which is below and the passage set: Read the Passage […]

Theories of psychotherapy assignment

What theory do you feel has the strongest approach for the population you may want to work with? Do you think that you will need to learn more than one approach? Why? This discussion question is informed by the following CACREP Standard: 2.F.5.a. Theories and models of counseling. Requirements: long as it have to ‘ […]

Theory of Machines essay

Can someone help me with the following two questions about position analysis and linkage Requirements: Solving two questions | .doc file ‘ We confidently assure you of high-quality work. We engage several strategies to guarantee top-level assignments. The projects go through a thorough system of control before being submitted to the customers. We guarantee that […]

The Role and Value of Theories in Social Work

Honors Students: Complete this assignment according to the directions provided in the “Honors Addendum” located in Course Materials. Complete “The Role and Value of Theories in Social Work Worksheet” according to the instructions in the worksheet. While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment solid academic writing is expected and in-text […]

The California Gold Rush

Please watch these two excerpts from the film Speck of the Future on the California Gold Rush. Please note that the video may stop after it finishes the precise clip I linked to. Should that occur I am including the numbers of the segments you need to watch for the assignment. I cut the hour […]

Text Mining assignment

Happy Words? —————— pos <- “positive-words.txt” neg <- “negative-words.txt” p <- scan(pos character(0)sep = “n”) n <- scan(neg character(0)sep = “n”) head(p 50) head(n 50) p <- p[-1:-29] n <- n[-1:-30] head(p 10) head(n 10) total Words <- sum(word Counts) words <- names(word Counts) matched <- match(words p nomatch = 0) head(matched10) matched[9] p[1083] words[9] […]

Triumph of the Nerds

This summary report assignment provides you with an opportunity to explore how the personal computing industry evolved from its humble beginnings into a disrupting technology that eventually changed how individuals and businesses work socialize collaborate and communicate by eliminating the barriers of time and distance. For this assignment you will write a summary report analyzing […]

Ethics for behavior Analysts

Assessment medical consultation assessment consult in acquisition mode Explaining assessment results and clients consent- records in acquisition mode Conceptual consistency involvement in planning individual programs program approval and describing objectives in acquisition mode program success implementation interference and punishment in acquisition mode least restrictive procedures harmful reinforcers and discontinuation in acquisition mode ‘ We confidently […]

Substance Use and the Bio psychosocial Model

This assignment will demonstrate understanding of substance use from the biopsychosocial model. Create a tri-fold brochure or pamphlet. You may use the available brochure and pamphlet templates in Microsoft Word. Make sure your brochure or pamphlet is visually appealing and can be used as a method to present to clients in various settings. Address the […]

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