Integrated lesson plan

Using the Integrated Lesson Plan Template provided you are to develop one extensive and complete lesson plan that would be part of a unit teaching science to children at the appropriate grade level. The lesson plan will be based on the 5 E’s Learning Cycle must involve the entire class and must be developed using […]

Reasonable expectation of privacy

Apply the 2-pronged test for reasonable expectation of privacy from the Katz case to the following situation: – Fred is sitting in a bar and he gets an important call from his friend about a large shipment of illegal drugs. Fred gets up leaves the bar and gets into his car to take the call. […]

Mentors and Counselors / advisors essay

All members of a team must be aligned towards common goals. The team must have shared expectations and clearly identified priorities. Last week you put together a fantasy team of four JGR employees to plan and run a daylong conference. Think about this team’s individual strengths and weaknesses. Then determine whether your team would most […]

Design facilitator guide

Hi pal I need help in designing a facilitator guide for a training session provided below. it should be based on the activities mentioned in that session. there is an example how to build a facilitator guide. please follow it We confidently assure you of high-quality work. We engage several strategies to guarantee top-level assignments. […]

Child development essay

Physical Observation Report Use this format to turn in your observation report. DO NOT list the numbers and an answer. Copy and paste this form to your own document fill it out and upload it.. Be OBJECTIVE for # 1-9. This means you should not give any opinions just observations. Points will be removed for […]

Case study and SBAR essay

Hello I need help with my case study Students will complete the Case Study for this Patient Thomas Middleton and SBAR. SBAR completed on patient from the Case Study SBAR is a tool used for documentation and organization of the client in the clinical setting. Fill out the SBAR tool addressing each area: Other useful […]

Ethical problem in terms of societal reform

What do you think can and should be done to address this ethical problem especially in terms of societal reform (not just individual actions)? Will it help to simply put white people into more racially integrated social networks and environments? Why or why not? Requirements: 750 words ‘ We confidently assure you of high-quality work. […]

Jan Vermeer Allegory of the Art of Painting 1670-1675

THE PRESENTATION IS ABOUT THE PAINTING ( the Art of Painting ) FOR Jan Vermeer Your draft should include the main points you are planning to make about the artwork: Your draft should also include 3 discussion questions. I would like you to take this assignment seriously. You will provide a numerical value for each […]

Executive Summary from gap analysis

Our analysis of the gap between current and desired performance was the first step toward improving outcomes. You now have the information you need to move forward with proposed changes. Your next step is to focus on existing outcome measures and their relationship to the systemic problem you are addressing. For this assessment you have […]

Recommendations for conducting a clinical supervision

For this assignment write a paper in which you make recommendations for conducting a clinical supervision observation of a paraprofessional designing an observation form for special education students and addressing the last four components below. Length: 7 pages not including title and reference pages References: Minimum of 5 scholarly resources In Apa style no Plagerism […]

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