Reflection race and sports

1. In “Race Power and American Sports” (Links to an external site.) Dave Zirin argues that sport provides avenues for both enslavement and liberation. Discuss this in the context of your personal experiences in sport. How has sport contributed positively or negatively to your identity particularly in terms of race/ethnicity class gender disability sexuality age […]

Self thoughts assignment

For this discussion activity answer the following questions regarding your “self”: What were your initial thoughts about your “self” prior to this class? What did you think it was? Did you think there was some core to the self that does/does not change? If you thought that such a core existed was it the seat […]

Surface integrals assignment

Solve these problems about evaluating surface integrals and questions about the stokes theorem and show your work please. Requirements: just show how you get the answer We confidently assure you of high-quality work. We engage several strategies to guarantee top-level assignments. The projects go through a thorough system of control before being submitted to the […]

Supply chain video of interest

You need to submit a post about a supply chain video of interest to you that is either related to logistics and supply chain management or to technologies that directly or indirectly influence logistics and supply chain management. Any video that is at least 5 minutes long and acceptable in public domain is acceptable .Include […]

Statistical physics assignment

Consider particles with spin 1 and magnetic moment µ0. In this case the magnetic moment component along any specified direction can take three values: +µ0 0 −µ0. The probabilities for corresponding values can be written as: C ·f (for +µ0) C (for 0) and C/f (for −µ0) where f is a known function of the […]

Samsung social media plan

The first part of this paper was already done… so you will be completing the 2nd part using the first part if there are issues you have to be able to correct them later on as well. please include the first part in this final paper and these Table of Contents -Once your paper is […]

Democratic-Republican Party and federal goverment

What changes did the Democratic-Republican Party (Jeffersons party) bring to the federal government? How did their policies differ from those of the Federalist party (Hamiltons party)? 2. Explain three reasons why the Democratic- Republican Party (Jeffersons party) so intent on expanding the boundaries of the United States.? (three paragraphs) 3. What external (one paragraph events […]

Probability project assignment

1. In your own words describe the difference between classical and empirical probabilities.2.2 2. Determine the theoretical probability of flipping a TAIL on a coin. Write this probability as a fraction decimal and percent and explain how you arrived at this probability. 3. Now grab your coin and flip it the number of times that […]

Musical and expressive elements

1. Introduce yourself (10 sec) 2. Introduce your piece (1 min) a. Tell us title performer and/or composer b. Give us information that will be helpful in relating to the piece i.e; time period genre style background/story behind piece something interesting and unique that gets us interested in the piece 2. Play the piece (2-3 […]

Job prospect interview

This person has never had a job before…. this person also is going to school for business management… you need to be able to call companies and really do this… management positions… he is also from saudia arabia and currently is staying in dammam in saudi. Job Prospecting Assignment What is your “dream” job after […]

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