A research using estuarine species

A research using estuarine species to analyze water quality and tolerance to habitat change around San Francisco Bay area, established an increase in the surface area of water and PH levels. The research also established that the PH and surface area of water also varied depending on the different annual seasons. These findings led the research to conclude that an increase in water temperature is directly proportional to the PH of ocean water around S.F Bay rea.

The research found that the water temperatures increased by 0.017 degrees annually. This finding helped to establish the research’s conclusion that an increase in temperature is directly proportional to PH and is linked to the research’s initial focus of how temperature and PH change along the S.F Bay area. Similarly, the effects of acidification and increasing water temperatures along the Bay area reveal that species are affected differently, with some benefiting while others are adversely affected. However, the researches cited that there is still a lot that needs to be studies in regards to the effects of increased temperature and acidification of ocean water around the area. Nonetheless, the varying effects of increased water temperatures and acidification on different species implied different effects on the ecosystem population and the behavior changes of these species.

The findings of this research relate to a 2005 research done to establish the significance of changes on environment and the population of different species. The research established a correlation between behavioral patterns of animals that lived in areas under stress and environmental anomalies. This pattern was significantly illustrated by the decrease in Delta Smelt population, a native species of S.F Bay area ocean. The previous understanding from this research not only acted as a background for the research, but also helped to establish the conclusion of how changes in environment (temperature and PH) affect the behavior and population of species in the ocean.

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