6-2 Final Project Milestone Four

Develop Logo Design

Thumbnail 1 is the most intriguing option after considering three other thumbnails, each with its distinct design and personality. Its simplicity and elegance are represented in a logomark with two interlocking Gs angled slightly to give the design a sense of motion and dynamism. The logo, positioned above the company name and written in a simple sans-serif typeface, is created in a classic black-and-white color scheme and exudes an air of refined traditionalism. On the other hand, Thumbnail 2 gives off a fun and whimsical vibe. A lavish serif font is used for the corporate name, and the logomark, a stylized cursive G encircled by a floral wreath. Black, white, and gold are included in the color scheme, which gives the artwork a posh and sophisticated appearance. Thumbnail 3 adopts a more contemporary and abstract style, using intersecting lines to create the shape of a G. A prominent sans-serif typeface used for the corporate name and a color scheme that primarily consists of black and white with only a touch of red added for vibrancy highlight this design’s edginess.

In the final design stage, a primary grid system will lay the groundwork for harmony and balance in the logo. Using a geometric, contemporary sans-serif font for the logomark and a traditional, elegant serif font for the company name further refines the design (Leelayudthyothin & Boontore, 2022). The logomark will take center stage to highlight hierarchy and rule the composition regarding size and placement. It will be located in the logo’s center and larger than the company name, subtly placed below it in a smaller font size.

Three different logo versions will be created to guarantee its adaptability and versatility. Variation 1 uses a white company name with a black logomark to create a classic and timeless look. Variation 2 flips the colors, strikingly contrasting a white logomark and a black company name. Variation 3 adds a sense of grandeur by displaying a black company name next to a gold logomark, giving the design a more upscale feel.

After considerable deliberation, Variation 1 is the best option for the finished product. The logo is given a timeless quality by the striking contrast between black and white, ensuring the logomark’s prominence and making it easy to stand out clearly. This decision maintains a strong visual impact while reflecting the brand’s beauty and simplicity (Ranuharja et al., 2023). Finally, the chosen logo design epitomizes simplicity, elegance, and everlasting qualities. A timeless and adaptable black-and-white color scheme complements the chosen logomark as a sign of instant recognition and memorability. This design effectively conveys the spirit of the fashion brand, providing a powerful and enduring representation that connects with the target market and guarantees a long-lasting impact on the fashion and branding industries.

I intend to investigate several logomark modifications to create a distinctive and memorable logo to increase uniqueness and memorability. I will experiment with various positions on various backdrops and sizes to maximize visual impact. Prioritizing the readability of the company name even at smaller sizes, ensuring scalability, emphasizing the prominence of the logomark, and maintaining balance will all be carefully considered during the finalization process, resulting in a carefully crafted and adaptable logo design.




Leelayudthyothin, M., & Boontore, A. (2022). Brand logo and brand personality perceptions: A case of real estate business in Thailand. Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences, 43(1). https://doi.org/10.34044/j.kjss.2022.43.1.04

Ranuharja, F., Indrayeni, W., Samala, A. D., Hasim, A., & Larashati, C. (2023). Improving marketing skills through logo design training for the local business community. Journal of Community Service and Empowerment, 4(1). https://doi.org/10.22219/jcse.v4i1.24059


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