5-3 Final Project Milestone Three: Experiment with Thumbnails

The redesigned Gucci emblem gained praise for being incredibly original and imaginative for the time. It had undergone a dramatic change, giving the trademark Gucci interlocking “G”s—long associated with the brand’s prestige—a modern flare. The brand’s history was successfully preserved while ushering in a new era thanks to the skillful execution of this transition, which kept the iconic Gucci characteristic colors of green and red. The logo’s exquisite simplicity was one of its most alluring qualities, and it was a quality that many admirers found appealing. Its easy recall and instant identification made it useful for various applications, from apparel and accessories to packaging and promotional materials (Baek & Bae, 2019). Such adaptability ensured a long-lasting foothold in the high-end fashion industry. Here are the five thumbnails.

Thumbnail 1.



Thumbnail 2

Thumbnail 3

Thumbnail 4


Thumbnail 5

Beyond its straightforwardness, the distinctive quality of this logo was its inventive core. Although the interlocking “G”s had long been a trademark of Gucci, their incorporation into this redesign gave rise to an entirely new viewpoint. This creative attempt gave the brand-new life, and its eye-catching appeal was unmistakable. The sleek, modern forms and harmonious use of Gucci’s distinctive colors resulted in an elegant and alluring logo. From a design perspective, this logo was brilliant. The design was given depth and dynamism because of the skillful use of negative space, giving it a sense of continual motion that made it even more memorable. The logo’s fluidity and vibrancy gave it an air of never-ending excitement and vigor, reflecting the essence of Gucci, which is constantly evolving. Its versatility was also advantageous for the brand. The Gucci logo smoothly incorporated numerous mediums, enhancing the brand’s visibility across various consumer touchpoints, whether used to decorate clothing accessories or as the face of packaging and marketing initiatives.




Baek, J. H., & Bae, S. J. (2019). A Study of Strategic Brand Identity Innovation of Gucci through the Change of Creative Director. Journal Of The Korean Society Design Culture, 25(1). https://doi.org/10.18208/ksdc.2019.25.1.185

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